Providing Supplemental Insurance to Directors & Officers •

Compliance is essential; so is

D&O Supplemental.


D & O Supplemental provides tailor-made solutions on coverage and pricing

Compliance programs may not stop Government investigations. Standard D&O policies may not

pay their costs.

Cover your directors and officers against the high costs of government investigations

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Protect your company; protect yourself –

check your D&O policies

with your lawyers;

then consult

D & O Supplemental.

Compliance is essential - backstop it with D & O Supplemental

Aaron Schildhaus

D & O Supplemental International Insurance LLC is a Washington, DC limited liability corporation and a licensed casualty insurance producer. It was created to provide the insurance coverage that is missing or inadequate to protect directors and officers from the high costs of government investigations into violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other criminal acts attributable to senior managers and corporate directors and others linked by contracts or relationships with the corporation. D & O Supplemental works with the leading providers of D&O insurance world-wide to offer its clients with optimal and tailored protection and helps with innovative pricing and payment terms to fund the necessary insurance.






The President/CEO of the company is an experienced international attorney and well-known expert in the field of international anti-corruption law (including due diligence and compliance) for over twenty years. For the past five years, Aaron Schildhaus has served as the Senior Advisor to the American Bar Association’s (ABA) International Anti-Corruption Committee. Mr. Schildhaus was Chair of the 25,000 + member, Section of International Law of the ABA in 2008-2009.

Directors and Officers Supplemental International Insurance, LLC

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